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Fado Music
I apologize that I cannot speak your language. I hope you know English.
Earlier this month I flew between Newark, USA, and Lisbon/Lisboa on TAP airline. One of the music channels was labeled "special." I was curious so I listened. I found the music wonderful. I listened to it most of the way to Portugal. On the way back home to the US I listened to it over and over, for the entire trip. The artists featured included: José Mesquita, António Bernardino, Janita Salomé, Alfredo Correia, Quintet de Coimbra, Luiz Goes, António Portugal, Fernando Machado Soares and José Afonso.
I am very fortunate that I was introduced to Fado music by these artists. I would love to obtain some CDs of this music so I could enjoy it in the US. I haven't been able to find it in America. Can you suggest any way that I could purchase this recorded music?
Thank you, or as I learned in your beautiful nation, obrigado.
John Herlik (USA)
Thursday, October 05, 2006
Dear Mr. Herlik,
Unlike Tango, Samba, Flamenco, Napolitan Song and Lisbon Fado, Canção de Coimbra has no expression on international music markets.
Even if we think only of local production, the records available are very insufficient and do not cover the XIXth century repertoire, or the different artistic cycles of the XXth century. The re-edition of sound tracks of the period between 1900-1930 hardly exists.
In any case, and as far as a first approach goes, we suggest the following:

A) You can contact an editor named MOVIEPLAY PORTUGUESA-SA (http://www.movieplay.pt/), ordering the following CDs:
-CD “Serenata Monumental”, MOV 30.487, 2003, which we think is the one you listened to during your flight;
-CD “Fados e Guitarradas de Coimbra. Vol. 2”, MOV 30.425, 2001, with plays of the 1950-1960-1980’s;

B) You can also contact another editor, EMI-VALENTIM DE CARVALHO (http://www.valentim.pt/):
-“Luiz Goes. Canções para quem vier. Integral (1952-2002)”, EMI 724358029727, 2002;
-“O Mundo segundo Carlos Paredes. Integral (1958-1993)”, EMI 72438030426, 2002;
-“Tempos de Coimbra. Quatro Décadas no Canto e na Guitarra”, EMI 0777760729, 2002. Its first edition dates from 1984, and this record tries to draw a portrait of the Canção de Coimbra between 1900-1983.

You can still research:
-TRADISOM, “Fado’s Archives” (http://www.tradisom.com/). Re-edition of records of the 1920’s;
-NUMERICA: CD “Folha a Folha. Jorge Cravo”, 2000 (http://www.numerica-multimedia.pt/). Project related to the experiences of Contemporary Art Period.
Coimbra, October 06, 2006
António Manuel Nunes
Octávio Sérgio
Thank you so much for your complete and fast response to my questions.
John Herlik
(USA, Saturday, October 07, 2006)

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